May 14, 2015

National Mom's Nite Out

This post is brought to you by MomSelect and National Mom's Nite Out.

Motherhood is an amazing journey! As we dedicate ourselves to raising our children, moms often forget to take time out for themselves. It's not uncommon for moms to get overwhelmed with full schedules that don't allow for quality time with friends. That is one of the reasons that Maria Bailey founded National Mom's Nite Out in 2008. National Mom’s Nite Out™ is an annual event held each year on the Thursday prior to Mother's Day. It gives moms all over the world the opportunity to join together and celebrate motherhood. It's an excuse to take a break from our usual day-to-day life and treat ourselves to a night with friends. 

I recently had the opportunity to host a get together in honor of National Mom's Nite Out. I chose to host the event outdoors on the patio. Ever since creating my space for my Outdoor Dinner Party in the fall, my patio is one of my favorite places to entertain.

National Mom's Nite Out and MomSelect sent me a party kit full of fun stuff that helped create an unforgettable experience for all of my guests.

The kit was full of great products from awesome sponsors such as Bicycle Playing Cards, MyPrintly, Entenmanns, and more. 

The party kit contained fun activities, recipe and craft ideas, and gift bags full of goodies for each of my guests. 

MyPrintly provided supplies for us to do a Wine Glass Painting Craft. 

Each of us created one-of-a-kind decorative wine glasses with paint. We sat around the table and decorated our glasses while getting tips from the more creative and artistic ones of the group.

We had a great evening chatting and celebrating our friendship. 

Motherhood is truly the most wonderful and fulfilling job in the world. Remembering to take care of ourselves will allow us to stay happy, healty and better mamas for our little ones!

You can learn more about National Mom's Nite Out by heading over to their website, and by connecting on Facebook and Twitter.

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