Apr 30, 2015

Staying Cool This Summer: NewAir AF-520B Outdoor Misting Fan Review

I received a NewAir AF-520B Outdoor Misting Fan for the purpose of this review. 
This post was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own.

If you've ever been to Arizona or are lucky enough to live in the Valley of the Sun you have experienced our "dry heat". Imagine rolling down your windows in your car to feel the cool breeze and instead feeling heat blowing on your face like a furnace. Do you have a visual? Welcome to Phoenix!! It is hot my friends!! We have already experienced temperatures in the 90's and as we enter the month of May triple digits are upon us! I recently had the opportunity to review a NewAir AF-520B Outdoor Misting Fan and I'm excited to tell you about all the cool features this fan offers.

My family loves to entertain and spend time in our backyard, but the heat during the summer months makes it miserable so we usually retreat indoors. I was excited to get the NewAir AF-520B Outdoor Misting Fan out of the, set up, and working! I needed my husband's help to get it assembled, but it didn't take long before we had all the parts together.

The Misting Fan really pumps out the mist, I was shocked at how much mist came out and how far the fan was able to send it. Controlling and setting up the NewAir AF-520B Outdoor Misting Fan is nice and easy. Connect the hose attachment to a water supply (fits your standard hose or faucet), plug it into an electrical outlet (there is water around this electrical device, so they included a GFI switch) and you are ready to turn on. Simply turn the fan by pressing one of 3 power settings, then turn the water valve on and your fan is now misting. The Misting Fan easily changes to cover any area, the fan head tilts up and down, there are 3 speeds and you can even set it up to oscillate and cover even more area.

The Misting Fan has some really cool features:
  • Covers Large Area - Mists up to 500 square feet, this is great for when your entertaining and moving around
  • 3 Speeds -  with push buttons so you can choose what is the most comfortable setting for you
  • Oscillating Fan - 18" head that provides a cool mist in a widespread area
  • Can be used with or without water - just turn off the hose and use it as a fan. I can see this be useful where water from the mist might create a problem 

The fan has already been great for keeping us cool this past month and I'm looking forward to an enjoyable summer entertaining outside. My husband loves it for keeping himself cool while grilling. My girls are able to run and play while keeping cool. If they start to get to hot they can run over and stand in front of the fan for a moment. They love the fan and think it's really cool. I like that the girls are not getting over exposed to the heat. 

The NewAir AF-520B Outdoor Misting Fan is great but there are a couple of things that could use some improving, nothing major, but a couple things would improve the experience. One opportunity for improvement is the length of the cord. My patio has outdoor outlets making it easy to plug in, however the length of the cord is short, decreasing the flexibility to place the fan. The other opportunity for improvement comes with the cords. There is a water tube which runs from the fan casing and down, next to the pole. The power cord is similar, it comes from the back of the top of the fan area and runs down next to the pole. It would be great if both cords could be run down the interior of the pole and through the base. It would eliminate a potential tripping hazard and make the Misting Fan more aesthetically pleasing. 

Even with these minor opportunities for improvement, the NewAir AF-520B Outdoor Misting Fan will be a welcome addition to our backyard this summer. I look forward to enjoying the patio all summer, even when the temperatures hit the triple digits! 

If you love being outside and need to keep cool, I recommend the NewAir AF-520B Outdoor Misting Fan. You can purchase this fan from many retailers such as Home Depot and  Amazon.

Please check out my video below using the NewAir AF-520B Outdoor Misting Fan 

Make sure to stop by and visit the NewAir Website and the NewAir Facebook page and connect with them. 

I received a NewAir AF-520B Outdoor Misting Fan for the purpose of this review. This post was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own.

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