Sep 3, 2014

project life the beauty in simplicity

Often times when I'm putting my Project Life pages together I find myself stressed over what embellishment I want to add to a pocket and I need a quick reminder that it's not about the extra fluff,  but the story and photo that goes into the pocket instead. Don't get me wrong I love stickers and some flair just as much as the next girl, but sometimes it's not just worth the headache. I want to share with you my album I did using a core kit, photos, and the page protectors. I'm calling it Project Life the beauty in Simplicity.

One of my favorite Project Life albums that I have ever done was from our summer that we spent at the beach in 2011. Vacations can be hard to scrapbook, so I decided to take the less is more approach so I could get it done. When Becky announced they are going to retire the Amber collection, I knew I wanted to share my album with you on my blog. (This album was previously featured on old website that can no longer be accessed)

The colors of the Amber Core Kit were perfect for my beach vacation! Each time I look at this album I'm reminded of the beauty in simplicity and things don't have to be extra complicated to be beautiful!


  1. With Project Life gaining popularity we seem to have forgotten the simplicity of the concept. Stories, photos & the core kit is all you need. Beautiful album.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed that look into your pared down album...I have fallen off my scrapbooking wagon lately; perhaps a simpler approach would be good for me, too. thanks hugs, Julierose


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