Apr 8, 2014

Photos That Inspire

Today I want to share some of my favorite photos and a few of my favorite tips on why documenting the everyday is so important. Photos that inspire us to celebrate ordinary moments everyday. As I continue to use Project Life this year to document my everyday, I am challenging myself to limit the number of photos I use in my albums by taking more mindful and deliberate photos that are reflections of our life and reminders of our blessings.

My number one favorite photo tip I can give you that will literally change the way your photos look altogether is simple. Move your body! Don’t stay in one spot when you take your pictures.  Move around and get creative! Challenge yourself to take photos from different angles. By changing the angle in which you take the photo you can change the emotion and feel of the photograph. The common denominator between all of the photos below; they were taken from various angles. 

When I took this photo I was actually sitting on the floor with my camera tilted upward to get the shot. I wanted to catch the girls looking at their daddy in awe as he told them about his job as a firefighter. The angle of the photo highlighted the emotion on the girl’s faces and emphasized the size contrast between my husband and girls.

This was a totally random photo I took. I love handwritten notes and letters. I love to write and receive them. I get excited EVERYDAY to go to the mailbox. I know you can email and I know you can email pictures, but there is just something so much more fun about getting them in the mail.  I think it is important to include photos of things we do within our everyday lives. We can make it different or more interesting by changing the angle in which we take the photo.  In this photo I used a wide-angle lens and got in close to take the picture.

Include pictures of your loved ones favorite hobbies. My husband plays the guitar and we love to hear him play.  He is good for the short time that he has been playing and the girls and I recently surprised him with a new guitar. I wanted a photo of him playing… not something posed. For this photo I was on my knees, and had the lens focused on his front hand playing, so when I took the photo the rest of his body blurred slightly.

This photo is from a pit stop during a recent road trip. The photo was taken at an angle just above my chest… I was on my tippy toes…. to get the shot… my husband is really tall. This photo draws you in with the angle in which it was taken…. and it tells a story.

Get down on their level. This photo was taken of my daughter early in the morning while she was playing with her train set. I was sitting on the ground on the same level that she was playing. This angle allowed me to let her play and still get the picture I wanted….  her playing trains. no cheesy posed shots… a simple reflection of our morning together…

Do you have a favorite tip you would like to share? Please leave a comment below. I'm always looking for something to enhance and better my photo skills and would love to hear from you!

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