Jun 28, 2013

studio calico july kit


It's reveal time at Studio Calico and the July Kits are stunning. I love the colors... they make
my heart smile. The best part about this month is that there are more Project Life Kits available
than ever before which means you can get the Valley High Project Life Kit today with or without
a subscription!
Along with the awesomeness of the kits this month there are some new items that I can't wait to
play with. Including these 2013 wood veneer calendar cards and this 4x6 patterned paper pad
Seriously so perfect for Project Life!!! I love it!!! A 4x6 paper pad.... hello.... so excited about this!!! 
And then one of my favorite add-ons this month is the Project Life Stamp set filled with images and
phrases perfect for helping to record your everyday moments. 

This month I worked with the Valley High main Project Life Kit, the Project Life Add-on Kit, the main 
scrapbook kit, the Project Life Stamp, and the Matthew kit add-on.
For week nineteen I only used the Project Life main kit.  
Close up of the beginning of the week. I used a Becky Higgins Design A Photo Pocket Page Protector.
Close up of the end of the week. Again I used a Becky Higgins Design A Photo Pocket Page Protector.

I had a lot of pictures from Camp Calico that I wanted to include into my Project Life Album so I 
decided to add another spread... I titled it the SC Experience...

I used a combination of the Valley High kits for this Project Life spread including; the Valley High 
main Project Life Kit, the Project Life Add-on Kit, the main scrapbook kit, and the Matthew add-on Kit.

Above: Close up of the left side of the spread.
Below: Close up of my title card. I used the cork thickers from the main scrapbook kit.
I needed an extra "E" so I made one from an "F" and cut a piece of cork from another letter
to make the "E" that I needed.

Sometimes my embellishments are too thick for the pocket or the page protector that it's supposed 
to slide into, when that happens I usually will take part of those embellishments and adhere them to 
the outside of the protector. 

For the second part of the spread I used Becky Higgins Photo Page Protector Design F. 

This style page protector allows me to add lots of additional photos to my spread.

I added one insert to this spread. I used a Becky Higgins Photo Protector Design C and trimmed it 
in half so it would have three horizontal 4x6 photos in the front and three in the back. I added a file 
tab at the top so you could tell that the page was sandwiched between the two other pages.

The back side of the insert, sandwiched between the two pages. On the back of the tab I stamped 
#projectlife with the Project Life add-on stamp.

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