Oct 18, 2012

Thankful Heart Thursday

As a memory keeper I am incredibly grateful for the ability to capture our memories on camera and display them on the walls in my home and within the pages of my albums. I treasure photos that tell a story when you look at them.... I am thankful for meeting Tara Whitney more than seven years ago before our first photo shoot.

Tara has an amazing talent to capture the real raw emotion and beauty within a photo without making it look posed and cheesy. Instead it is breathtaking.... it is the kind of photos that give you goosebumps and tugs at your heart even though it might be the simplest type of thing represented in the photo.

The first time we met it was just the two of us and Tara. We were on vacation in So Cal.... and it was just fun.... Matt wasn't to into getting his picture taken....what man is... he likes to avoid it at all costs, but knew how important it was to me.... Tara was unbelievable at making him comfortable and giving him space to be a guy.... 
The second time we met up Miss Lilykate had joined our family.
The most recent time we met up with Tara we had added Violet to our family. Tara photographed the four of us spending the afternoon and evening at the best beach house rental that we have ever had on the west coast. 
You see more of this photo shoot over at Tara's blog.

So I will tell you a story, after our first session, I was showing off some of the photos to friends at a baby shower... everyone made comments about how beautiful the photos had turned out, especially one specific head shot that Tara had taken of me (the photo was STUNNING) a famous and well respected photographer made the comment, "you should treasure that photo because you will never be that beautiful again"......WHAT??? I looked at her kinda funny.....i thought it was a weird thing to say....."well your in your early thirties now and your at your peak let's face its only down hill now...." Whoa.... that hit me kinda hard.....at this point i hadn't even had baby yet and to think it was all down hill from this point forward.... that rocked my boat a little.... 

But here's the cool thing each time I've met up with Tara I've "aged" several years and each time my reflection is more beautiful than the last time she took my photo... and I don't think it is a coincidence..... she has a way at looking through the lens and seeing your heart..... she translates the growth, she translates the love, she translates the hardships, she translates giggles, she translates the hope into this beautiful package that she presents you with ..... it's real, it's raw, and it is one of my most treasured possessions. 
Thank you Tara!
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  1. I follow her blog too and love her photos. :)

  2. What a great thing to be thankful for. We are all stunning no matter how big the bags under our eyes appear, or how whack our hair looks as we drop the kids at school. We are moms, and we are bad ass! Love this post! There's a link up at thesimplemoms.com ;)

  3. I love her photos & have followed her for years! She has done a beautiful job of capturing your family as it grows. You are lucky to have her take such amazing photos of you all. I dream of winning the lottery so I can actually afford to have her photograph my family! :-)

  4. These are just breathtaking! I love love love her work. I love that you've gotten to use her several times. So jealous!


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