Sep 11, 2012

Never Forget

Tomorrow I'll resume Project Life posts.....

Today means a variety of things to a variety of people.
No one person can define today's meaning for another.
Never forget to honor those who lost their lives.
Never forget to honor those who lost loved ones,
Never forget there are those who still struggle each day
from the events that occurred on that September morning eleven years ago.

Below is a few photos from my flight attendant days.... (and some of them are more than 14 years old so photo quality not so great)

In the above photo we were tray surfing...don't worry there were no passengers on this flight... I think this was a senior flight attendants way of breaking newbie flight attendants in.... yes those are pillows on our arms....we are sitting on trays sliding down the aisles during take-off....again this photo was taken... MANY years ago....

1 comment:

  1. Ok the tray surfing is hysterical! I didn't know you were a flight attendant!


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