Aug 23, 2012

Project Life: Baby Editions

Becky Higgins has done it again....I could write a novel but I am just going to put the video that she made here and let it do all the talking..... I am BLOWN away..... BLOWN away this is everything that I have wanted and been waiting for thank you Becky!!!! Lili Niclass is the graphic designer behind all three Baby Editions. I can not wait to see what the Childhood edition holds in store for us and can only imagine that she is saving the best for last..... WOWSERS!!!!

The new Project Life Baby Editions should be available by the end of the year


  1. Hey Mary Ann,
    I believe you use a variety of PL cards in your album (i.e. not all cards are from the same core kit). Could you touch on how you organize your kits while you are working to have the materials all available and/or how you incorporate the different kits into your yearly album(s).

    Jen Vance

  2. This is exciting because Project Lfe is so perfect for new parents who have little time to spare! I just wish it was available now cuz my niece just had a baby.... :-)


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