Aug 22, 2012

Big Week of Reveals: 2 New Project Life Editions

Becky Higgins announced the two new designs for the 2013 Project Life Kits and all I can say is WOW!!! I am in LOVE!!! The first new edition she announced is the Seafoam Edition by Elise Joy Blaha Cripe  I am over the moon in love with Seafoam. I love the simple clean and crisp lines!! Welcome to the Project Life Family! I adore you so!!! It will be available sometime in November.
all photos are courtesy of Becky Higgins blog

I am a huge fan of Elise and love her Project Life layouts....LOVE them....I love her simple method of documentation and how she gets the meat and the heart of the story!!!! It so make me wish that I would have had Project Life before I had kids!!! Check out her blog for AMAZing inspiration....seriously she rocks my socks off...

The second new edition for 2013 is Olive. Designed by Heather Bailey. Completely different but also fabulous...more feminine and flowery....and guess what I love it too....WHAT.... it's sooo different from the first one.....ahhh....decisions, decisions, decisions, now I'm thankful that we have until November to make that decision.

So what did you think of the Big Reveals so far? Which Edition is your favorite? Are you crazy in love like I am? I'm super excited for the Baby and Childhood Reveals!!!!

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