Jul 27, 2012

The New Plastics...aka Project Life Products Have Arrived!

I came home from a relaxing evening at the pool and discovered that the new Project Life page protectors...aka Plastics have arrived at Amazon!!! WAHOOOOOO!!!! I immediately broke into a little happy dance, my girls who are 3 & 4 years old, looked at me as if I were slightly crazy, but only for a moment, because the next thing I knew we were having a full on dance party in the living room singing about page protectors.... it was quite comical, a little out of tune... okay way out of tune.... and I'm certain my husband will be glad he was unable to attend our performance. Anyways... all the fun stuff aside, I wanted to give you a heads up that they are in! Here are the direct links:

Photo Courtesy of Becky Higgins' Blog

Photo Pocket Pages - Design H
Photo Pocket Pages - Design I
Photo Pocket Pages - Design J
5 x 7 Page Protectors - Vertical
5 x 7 Page Protectors - Horizontal
8 x 10 Page Protectors - Vertical
8 x 10 Page Protectors - Horizontal
8.5 x 11 Page Protectors - Horizontal
Small Envelope Pages
Tall Envelope Pages

Here is a video of Becky previewing the new Project Life Plastics:

The Project Life Core Kits have been restocked. They are new & improved. The same designs and the system, but the cards now offer more versatility. The 4x6 title cards are now double-sided with one side being the horizontal option and the other side being the vertical option. Every 3x4 journaling card is now backed with a filler design so that no card is wasted and all of the actual card sizes have even been fine-tuned where needed.

Here is a photo from Becky's blog that shows what the contents of the new & improved Project Life Core Kits look like:

Here are direct links to purchase the new and improved Core Kits:

Project Life Core Kit - Cherry Edition (I used this design in 2010)
Project Life Core Kit - Turquoise Edition (I used this design in 2011)
Project Life Core Kit - Amber Edition (I used this design for summer 2011) view album on Becky Higgins Blog click here
Project Life Core Kit - Cobalt Edition (I am using this kit & Clementine for 2012)
Project Life Organizational Tray

I can't wait to get my hands on the new plastics and start documenting!!! Stay tuned for more Project Life sharing in the coming weeks with all the new fun stuff!!!! HAPPY DANCE!!!

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  1. love your blog! one thing that makes me smile is seeing my baby girl standing up in her crib in the morning, happy to see me


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