Jul 9, 2012

Creative Team July Inspiration

Hello Everyone, please join me and the entire Project Life Creative Team as we share a bit of Project Life inspiration on our blogs today.  Check out Becky's blog post today to see all the links to the Design Team.  Lots of fun ideas to incorporate into your Project Life layouts.
I started a new album back at the beginning of April, but just now completed the title page for the album. I kept it simple and I love the look of it. I used the title cards from the Project Life Core Kit - Cobalt Edition put them in the Photo Pocket Pages Design A - Photo Pocket Pages - Big Variety Pack 1 (60 Pages) and I added Lily Bee Design - Handmade Collection - 12 x 12 Cardstock Stickers - Alphabet to the lower card that says, "photo shoot for daddy". I love these stickers from Lily Bee and use them repeatedly throughout my Project Life pages. They come in a variety of colors that coordinate with all of the Project Life Kits... I just love them.... here are the links to some of my other favorites:
It took me a little while to decide how I wanted to do my title page for my second album.... I knew that I wanted to highlight both of my daughters with pictures... I wanted to show how much they had grown since the previous title page that I had done. My friend Sarah, who is a fabulous photographer shot these photos of me and my girls on a Sunday afternoon... They ended up being the perfect gift for my husband and the perfect fit for my title page.
Welcome to week 21 of my 2012 Project Life album. I kept this week super simple, only adding two 6 x 12 Page Protectors This week included the end of the school year that was jam packed with parties, graduation, and certificate ceremonies so I found myself challenged to limit my photos to the ones that were necessary to tell the story. Sometimes I have to remind myself that LESS is MORE and sometimes too much of a good thing makes a muck of things.... if that makes any sense at all?!?!?!
Week Twenty-One Title Card. I used mainly the Project Life Core Kit - Clementine Edition on this week's spread. I used American Crafts - Amy Tangerine Collection - Sketchbook - Thickers - Foam Alphabet Stickers - Journal - Black and wrote the date using a American Crafts - Precision Pen - All Black - 5 Pack 
Overview of the center of Week Twenty-One. Looking at insert 1 and 2, both 6 x 12 Page Protectors Enlargements of Violet during her performance with her class on the last day of preschool. I've said it before and I will say it again.... I love the IMPACT of a 6 x 12 photo. 
On the left side is the back of the 2nd insert. I had already printed three 4x6 photos before I realized that I wanted to use them in the 6 x 12 Page Protectors so I simply used my adhesive and attached them to the back of my 6 x 12 photo. I was a little worried about how they would look, but I didn't want to have to reprint the pictures. I'm super picky about my adhesive and I have tried a ton of different brands and styles, my favorite by far is:
Glue Arts - Glue Glider Pro - Perma Tac - Continuous Adhesive Applicator
On the right side of the page I kept it simple... photos & journaling....love it. I even got my husband to journal on one of the cards.... I love when I can get him involved!

Week Twenty-Four was a big week for our family. My husband was promoted at work, something that he has been working towards his whole career. It was a big deal. So while I had pictures from the event they were mainly shot from co-workers cell phones and a point and shoot camera that my husband had at the station. I did some editing and was pretty excited with the result. This week I have 4 inserts and 1 flip up 4x6 page protector.... I know that doesn't sound so simple... but for the most part it is all pictures simply slid into the page protectors. Photos plus stories..... the important stuff.
Week Twenty-Four Title Card. I used mainly the Project Life Core Kit - Cobalt Edition on this week's spread. I used Calico Chipboard Stickers-Alphas & Numbers Cream for Week 24 and hand wrote the date. I just now realized that I wrote May instead of June... NEAT....
Quick change to fix the date to the correct month. Please disregard the horrible photo. It is dark out and I snapped this photo with my iPhone. You will notice that my husband completed his journaling card and replaced the reminder post-it note that had previously occupied the space. On the bottom corner I used a C-Line - Memory Book - Page Protectors - Flip Pockets - Holds 4 x 6 Photos - 6 Pack to include two additional photos. 
Photo Pocket Pages - Design G Photo Pocket Pages - Design G The font that I used on the pictures is Strangelove Font. This is not a free font it is $18.00. I don't usually buy fonts, but I fell in love with this font and after using it I can say it was worth every penny. I love the thin lines on the photo and the finished look that it gives.... now if only I could afford the Avenir font.... my font life would be complete! 
The back side of Photo Pocket Pages - Design G and the front side of Photo Pocket Pages - Design C I simply trimmed the page protector down the middle, allowing me space for 6 photos instead of 12.
The back side of Photo Pocket Pages - Design C and the front side a 12x12 page protector Big Pack of 12x12 Page Protectors (60 Pages), I trimmed the Page Protector to 8x12 and used my sewing machine to make my own custom page protector.
Overview of the back of insert three and the front of insert four. Both of the inserts have been trimmed. Strangelove Font
Insert four is Photo Pocket Pages - Design D trimmed down to the first two vertical pockets. 
I added a American Crafts Index Tab Chap Collection Tabs Bits (American Crafts) and sewed the tab directly onto the photo protector. The camera stamp is from the Adventure Stamp Set by Studio Calico
The back of insert four I included a map of the different fire stations in the department that my husband works. I wanted to document the distance from his old station to his new station. His new assignment is in a completely different area than his previous assignment that he was at for more than six years. You can't tell from this picture but I used a marker right on my photo to mark the route from the old station to the new station. (I did this for for privacy reasons). On the opposite page I have photos from our Father's Day celebration and both my Dad's and Matt's Dad's Birthday. I included a gift card that I made for Matt for one of his Father's day gift's that hadn't arrived yet and simply cut in down the middle and corner rounded it on the outside edges.  

I think that wraps up Week Twenty-Four in my Project Life Album. If you have any questions feel free to email me at maryann@cherisheveryday.com

Overwhelmed?!? Don't be!!! Remember that Project Life is designed to SIMPLIFY the memory keeping process... don't over think it. You make the rules....it's your album....there are no Project Life Album Police. Make it work for you, so you can be successful!

Additional links to products used on these pages:
Chap Collection Tabs Bits (American Crafts) 
Adventure Stamp Set by Studio Calico
Calico Chipboard Stickers-Alphas & Numbers Cream 

Project Life is a product and a system created by Becky Higgins. It can be anything you want it to be. The pieces used in my album are available here.  If you live outside of the US check Becky's site for more information on sources. View all of my posts about Project Life here.


  1. Hi..wondering what font you used on that second week's spread..the thin lined one? Love that!


  2. I was wondering about that font too! Lovely work as always :o)

  3. The font is Strangelove. The link is: http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/facetype/strangelove/

  4. Thanks...but darn, was hoping that font was free :)

  5. Looks great MaryAnn! I love love love that title page. The blue and green ya'll are wearing looks awesome!

    I've not made a title page for my first album or for the second one that I just started. I really need to make time to do that!

  6. I love, love, love the letters with the words on them!

  7. I can't tell you how much your post meant to me! I am so overwhelmed on some weeks that I have so many photos to choose from. It's almost worse than weeks I don't have enough! Please keep posting...I have learned so much (and bought so much!) because of you! You truly inspire me!

  8. HI! Love your creativity. I have 2 questions: 1:how did you print the lettering on the pics? do you use photoshop/do you print your own pics at home?
    and 2: how did you get the 6 x 12 photo size? Thanks so much!

  9. love your creativity! how did you get the 6 x 12 size: I agree it does give huge impact!
    also, can you tell me how you "typed the lettering on your pics": did you use photoshop and print your own pics at home? THANKS!


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