May 18, 2012

Telling Your Story in 5 Photos

This morning I am linking up with Jenny's photo challenge. The challenge is to encourage us to tell our stories. Plain and simple.

Our Photo Assignments:
1. Your morning routine.
2. The contents of something you carry around on a frequent basis.
3. A thing that you pass everyday that you have never taken a picture of.
4. Your happy place.
5. Someone who makes you smile.

Morning Routine
The girls run around and play in the yard while waiting for the bus to pick them up for school in the mornings. Matt drinks his coffee (if he is off work) I'm usually trying to brush last minute tangles out of unruly hair or signing volunteer papers for school.

Contents of something you carry with you 
I carry a lot of stuff in my purse, but you never know when you might be in a situation where you need something, right? This could be why my back and shoulder hurts...because it is pretty heavy...

A thing that you pass everyday that you have never taken a picture of.
This space is in our kitchen in between our refrigerator and the hallway. We keep the girls backpacks for school. The family calendar is on the wall where Matt and I coordinate our schedules. Daily chaos happens here but I have never taken a picture of it....probably because it is messy....more of a catch all space .... and honestly this just needs a total redo and I need to make a new space for the girls bags... NOTE TO SELF... add to never ending list of things to do...

My Happy Place 
If I'm not spending time with Matt and the girls or behind the camera.... I want to be in here writing and creating and recording those memories. I love connecting the stories and the photos. It's what I's what I'm passionate about.... its my happy place... it's my escape.

Someone who makes me smile

My grandma Ruth makes me smile. I haven't seen her since the summer of 2010 and I miss her so so much. But I get to see her in 42 days and just the thought of it makes me all misty eyed. I can't wait to hug her and sit with her and put my head on her shoulder like I did when I was a little girl....soon...

So that's my first Photo Challenge! If you link up with Jenny's Photography Challenge, please let me know in the comments below so I can come and see your story in photos. 


  1. can i just mention that my girls have the exact same 2 backpacks (same pattern and everything). haha. great minds!!!

  2. MaryAnn,
    These are beautiful photos. I love grandma Ruth, you are very lucky to still have a g-ma!

    I'm married to a Matt....I think they're all good! :)

    I love the picture of the girls running off endless energy.

    I've posted too.

  3. Great post & the pictures are gorgeous! Stopping by from Jenny's blog - I'm Building On Joy. :) Have a great weekend!

  4. Great post & the pictures are gorgeous! Stopping by from Jenny's blog - I'm Building On Joy. :) Have a great weekend!

  5. I am so excited you linked up! I love the picture of your girls in the front yard. And of Grandma Ruth. I love how I know you and consider you a good friend but that I didn't know these stories/things about you. Awesome!

  6. Love your photos! Your scrapbook area is lovely. I can only imagine spending hours in a place like that! By the way-I follow you on Pinterest love your pins. You have such style!

  7. Hi MaryAnn! I also linked up with Jenny's photography challenge. I absolutely LOVE the picture of your grandmother. I got a little misty-eyed just reading your words about her. I'm getting to spend a few days with my MeMe next week and I just love to sit and talkw with her too!

    Thanks for sharing!

  8. I love this photo challenge. I'll take it too!! :) I especially love the photo of your messy corner, just because we all have one and we try to avoid to have it on our photographs, don't we? And I absolutely love your organization of all your journaling tags and cards and stickers. My are all tossed in one big basket and IT'S NOT WORKING. So I'll have to get inspired from you and get organized. Oh no!! Hihihi!! Thanks for the continuous inspiration!!!! Have a nice day! :)

  9. I absolutely love your work space!!! So organized and pretty looking!!!

  10. Love your photos! Your work space is awesome! Can I ask where you got your white organizers that hold your tags, cards and stickers? I've been looking for something to put all my supplies for project life in. Those would be perfect!

  11. Wendy, I got my white containers from staples they are part of the new Martha Stewart office supply line. Before you go to the store go online first I think if you watch like a 3 minute video you can get a 40% off one item coupon. =)


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