Apr 16, 2012

Tax Day

My Favorite Thing About Tax Day
....has nothing to do with the scurry to get the return in the mail, has nothing to do with the refund (although the money is nice), my favorite thing about Tax Day is that I get my Dad back! My dad is a CPA and it goes without saying that January through April 15th is his busy season. So when we finally reach Tax Day my entire family does a happy dance, because we get to spend precious time with Dad again!

Now all we need is my other sister Sara and her family and we will be complete once again!! Welcome back Dad! We've missed you!!


  1. My husband is a CPA so I totally feel your pain! Cant wait for tomorrow to be officially over!!!

  2. Can totally empathize. When I married my husband he was in public accounting. It was either get married before tax season or after. Why wait? We got married on Jan 4th. To celebrate the end of Tax Season we would take off on 4/16 and head down to the beach for the day. Fortunately he is now out of that and works in corporate accounting. Yeah! But my mom is still in public, as the tax season wears on we here from her less and less, total exhaustion. Yes, that is how I met my husband, my Mom introduced us. :) Enjoy the new found time with your Dad!
    Kathy L (Glen Rock, NJ)

  3. Beautiful pictures! I especially like the one with just you and your dad. That color blue looks fantastic on you!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Debbie Koehler
    fellow Project Lifer!


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