Apr 23, 2012

DIY Memory Game

Anyone who has Project Life knows you get tons of supplies in that little white box. Chances are, you have some extra cards. Right? 

This is a memory game that I made using filler cards from the Amber Edition of Project Life, and the cards are stored in a 3x4 journaling card box. When I was a little girl I loved to play Memory. I can recall countless hours of fun playing the game with my parents and siblings. I wanted to something fun and small to take with us while we are traveling by plane cross country on summer vacation this year. It's a twist to the tradition game of memory match-up using family photos. 

I have also started working on a Go Fish game using the same concept as the memory game. I love it! The best part about both of these games is that when the girls think they know all of the cards or have it mastered, I simply switch the photos to more recent ones and totally update the game. 

Just like Memory, you can have different editions to the game: one with friends from school, maybe one with your doctors, dentists, teachers, fire fighters, police officers, important members in the community. I think seeing faces often helps young children develop a sense of comfort & familiarity. The best part of this DIY game has simply been watching the look on the girls faces as they play the game. That is priceless and it just makes my heart smile!

Go to Becky's website to download PDF instructions for the Photo Memory Game.


  1. What a fun twist to this classic game! :)

  2. I miss seeing your video update of Project Life. I am sure you are over your head busy. But just wanted you to know you are missed!

  3. Love this idea ! Thanks for sharing it and the downloadable instructions.

  4. this is so stinkin creative...I've kept all of my extra PL goodies the past 2 years so I will surely be making one of these once my little guy is old enough to play Memory! It was one of my favorite games too!


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