Mar 19, 2012

She's not a baby anymore

Violet's First Day of School

Today was the big day that we have been counting down in our household for weeks.... well at least my girls have been counting those days.... with excitement.... I've gone back and forth with various emotions that range from excitement to anticipation...... to worrying about Violet having separation anxiety from me and if she is really ready for school..... to excitement for the opportunity for her to grow at school.....  to excitement for some free time for me..... to feeling guilty that I'm excited about said free time. But then I look at her sweet little face and I see how excited she is for this opportunity and I know this is the right time for her, for me, and for our family. As I watched her get ready today I had the same excitement inside that she did on her face.... it was contagious.... she was beaming!!! All of my worries disappeared as I watched her hop up on that bus without a care in the world and wave goodbye. I go to school Mama! I go to school Daddy! I love ooo so much!  Here are a "few" pictures!

Waiting on the bus
Lilykate explaining how it all works to Violet
Violet is ready to go.... running to Mama
LilyKate being a good big sister and taking her by the hand.
Violet telling Lilykate that she loves her.
They were both so excited. I love this smile on Violet's face!
The bus arrives!! I was worried if she would get on.... 
but she hopped right on!
There she goes! She climbed in her seat and waved goodbye!
Her teacher sent me a picture at recess to let me know that she was doing great!
(gotta love technology)
And this is her coming home!!! Look at her smile!!!
I can't get over how sweet she is climbing down the steps!!!
So cute! Of course she wanted to do it all by herself!
And following Lilykate's lead they ran into the house.
And told us how fabulous school was and asked how soon they could go back!!!
I think it was a success..... and it is official that
she's not a baby anymore

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