Feb 16, 2012

Project Life 2012 Video

My first video of 2012.... a little overview of my first two weeks of Project Life.

I basically explain how I did things.....

I will warn you in advance....my video skills are a little off.... and I talk....a lot....
and then the video kinda cuts off at the end...
I need to figure this editing process out better... but I figure it is better to share it than obsess over editing perfections.....because if I did that....well I would never get to share anything!!!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing your video! It's a great source of inspiration! I especially love the story about the interview with your daughters that reflect the importance and value of Project Life!

  2. This was wonderful MaryAnn !

    Very inspiring ... I so need to start getting my digital layouts printed so my boys can see how special it is to have our photos and stories for them and us to read and remember the everyday moments.

    Loved how you included emails from other people too :) and how you used the inserts and tabs. Thanks so much for sharing this video and your Project Life journey.

    Hugs Elizabeth

  3. I can't find the link to the products that you showed us on your Project life pages. I am interested in the 4x6 inserts where you added the 4 photos.

  4. Hi Sherry,

    I'm sorry about that!!! Totally spaced adding them to this post! I listed all of the products that I used in my previous post, February Project Life Creative Team Inspiration.... you can scroll down or copy and paste this link http://www.cherisheveryday.com/2012/02/february-project-life-creative-team.html

  5. Loved seeing your album live. :) Also fantastic hearing your voice!

  6. Love seeing your album. So inspirational. I see you are using the clementine album. I know all you albums before have been black. Are you now incorperating color?

  7. Love hearing your voice Miss MaryAnn. Love seeing pictures of your gorgeous family and the way you pour yourself into your layouts and documenting your lives. Love the Oreganos menu/picture combination and the 6 x 12 journaler of you. Perfect!


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