Dec 27, 2011

For the love of Dave

that is Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters....

(picture taken at the October 16th concert in Phoenix, AZ)

My daughter Lilykate asked Santa for three things this Christmas.....

1. a blue bike
2. for Dave to sing at her birthday party.....more specifically for him to sing Skin and Bones, because that  is her favorite Foo Fighter song.

Santa looked a little perplexed at this request and asked her who Dave was "Does he sing like Justin Bieber?".... Lilykate looked at him perplexed.....and said, "Umm Dave sings  Rock and Roll..... does Justin Bieber sing Rock and Roll?" Then she started singing Skin and Bones for was dang cute....when she finished she asked him (Santa) if he would sing Justin Bieber for her.....he said he didn't know the words. Lilykate replied, "he must not be good as Dave if you can't even remember the words!" Santa was trying not to was hysterical.... seriously is this kid really only going to be 4 years old because she acts like she is at least 12.

And finally her third request, the one that completely melted my heart... 

3. a blue guitar for her daddy just like Dave's guitar..... as she was asking Santa to bring her daddy the guitar she reached into her purse and pulled out a folded, worn, and slightly crumpled piece of paper that she had torn from a magazine. I was shocked I had no idea she had it or when she had ripped it out of the magazine, but it was obvious she had been holding onto it for sometime. On that sheet of paper was the advertisement for the guitar she wanted for her daddy. A pelham blue Les Paul Guitar.....and I gasp as I saw Santa look at it and then at the price.....and I knew what he was thinking or at least what I would be thinking if I were him and I was totally embarrassed.

I looked at Santa and tried to shake my head no without the girls noticing....with large eyeballs trying to relay to him, "dude this is way too expensive and we so can't afford this....please say something to her to help understand this!" Now I know this is an awful lot to expect Santa to get from one little look from a parent...but I figure he is Santa and he must deal with this often right? He must have caught my drift because I saw the soft way he spoke to her and a momentary look of disappointment in her eyes, but it was gone in an instant and replaced with a giant hug from Lilykate.

let me give you a little background.....
photo by tara whitney
Matt (my husband, lilykate's daddy) has been playing the guitar for three years...and listening to him play is one of our favorite ways to spend our time together as a family.

photo by tara whitney
After Matt and I had gone to the Foo Fighter concert back in October and Lilykate saw the pictures and video of the concert....she loved the guitar....heck I loved the was beautiful. 

Lilykate is not your normal almost 4 year old.... she is way in to music....she loves guitars....she loves studying different types of guitars with her dad. Not only can she can tell you the difference between an acoustic and an electric.....she can then tell you about different types of electric guitars. She loves the Foo Fighters. She really loves Dave Grohl, the lead singer, she pretends to be him at least once a day and she performs concerts for me and her little sister. She would rather watch the Foo Fighter documentary in the morning instead of Handy Manny....seriously its close to an obsession. So when she saw that her daddy liked the guitar that Dave had and there was one similar to buy....Lilykate decided daddy needed that fact she wanted to get it for him for Christmas. I explained that the guitar was expensive and we wouldn't be able to buy it for him, but she explained to me that we could use the money in her piggy bank. She emptied her piggy bank and we counted all of the change and came up with a grand total of $68.75. A large amount for a toddler but not close to the amount needed for the guitar. I told her it just wasn't doable. She said we could save our change. I figured she would forget about it. That was at the beginning of November. 

Loose change suddenly started disappearing around our house and in our cars. One day Lilykate came to me with an entire cup of quarters, nickels and dimes, handed it to me and asked me if we had enough now.... I have to admit I had completely forgotten about the guitar. I looked at her with a blank stare.....and she was quickly annoyed that I didn't know what she was talking about....."Count we have enough for daddy's guitar?" My heart sunk.... she hadn't forgot.... this continued for the remainder of November and into December. Each time she came to me I struggled to explain the best I could to a 3 year old that we wouldn't be able to save the amount for the guitar by Christmas, but she was a determined little thing....she even convinced her younger sister to contribute her piggy bank fund. So when she asked Santa to help her get it for her daddy I knew she had finally realized that she wouldn't be able to save the money herself. 

I don't know exactly how Santa explained that he couldn't bring the guitar for Lilykate to give to her daddy or how he got her to be okay with it.... but he did. He was successful with item #1 on her list, the blue bicycle, and she is over the moon ecstatic about it....seriously riding it at every chance she gets. What he didn't manage to get across to her is that Dave probably isn't going to be available will not be to come to her birthday party. Now I know this is my job as a parent to explain that to her, but again each time that I have.... she has come up with some pretty good arguments.....

for example:

"Mom we have to send him the invitation in order for him to come. If he doesn't know about it of course he's not going to come."

"We wrote Santa a letter and he came.... and he lives all the way at the north pole, Dave just lives in California.....really its not that far away"

"If he needs a place to stay he can sleep on our couch, it's really comfy"

I tell her she makes excellent points, but that he has a family also and it is a holiday so he will probably be spending time with them (her birthday is on new year's eve, but we are having her party on the first). Her response to this, "I would love to have his family at my party, can we invite them also?" Oh my goodness Lilykate are you kidding me!!! Seriously she has a solution for everything.....sometimes it drives me bonkers, but then its like Déjà vu because I remember doing the exact same thing to my parents! So I just have to laugh and roll with it.

So I decided she's right I have to send him the invitation for him to come. He can't if he doesn't know about it right? I figured if anything it would be cool to let him know he has a fan who asked Santa for him to sing at her birthday party for her Christmas present. So I went in search of an address for Mr. Dave would think that would be a fairly easy task in today's day and age..... nope no such luck.....nothing on their website, face book page, or fan I tried their label and their management team.....nothing.....I must be missing something because I can't for the life of me find anything......address or send to Dave's attention. I know he won't actually come to her birthday party......I just wanted to be able to tell Lilykate that I sent him the invitation. Anyone have any ideas? Email me:

Someone suggested to me to have one of our friends dress up as Dave and have him sing at her party....and I thought....oh if only it were that easy life would be good..... but she's a smarty pants....when it comes to Dave she would know.... so it's back to the drawing board for me.... I just need to think of a creative solution to redirect her attention elsewhere on her special day!!! I can't wait to see the excitement on her face when she opens her birthday gift.....but more on that later. The rest of the week I will be crazy busy preparing for her 4th birthday party.....just tonight she requested a cake with a guitar on it....a blue guitar with sparkles... oh Lilykate I love you so much!!!!


  1. Oh Lilykate, everything you wish for on your birthday I do too, but for myself. Dave Grohl and the amazing blue guitar! I've been listening to the Foo Fighters all day long today and saw them in concert In Australia 3 weeks ago......what marvelous taste you have. What a sweet thing to want for your daddy. Wishing you a wonderful 4th birthday, my little boy turns 4 on NYE too. Keep rockin' !!!

  2. that is such a sweet story. We just saw the foo's here in Auckland on the 13th. They were amazing!!! My youngest sounds like lilykate's soul mate :o) He is 8 and a total rocker too. He totally wanted to go to the concert but when we took him to his first one (U2) he fell asleep and couldn't make it through so he has to wait a few more years now before getting to go.
    I wish I knew how to get her letter to him, but I have less luck here in NZ than you do there in America. The only thing I think, is perhaps posting directly on their facebook page??

    Anyway, good luck, and have fun with the party regardless!!

  3. Oh this is so very sweet!! Her spirit truly warms my heart. Good luck with all the birthday preparations and happy birthday to your beautiful little girl.

  4. David Grohl
    4500 Gable Dr
    Encino, CA 91316-4354

    I believe this is correct.

  5. Peg I don't know how you got that but umm... AWESOME!!! I would also give it a shot just posting on their facebook page, website, forums, wherever you can b/c why not :) Too cute! Good luck and HAPPY BIRTHDAY LILYKATE!!!

  6. Hilarious! What a girl! Such a cute story.

  7. Yes, Peg you are amazing! Lilykate drew a picture for Dave and we sent him the invitations yesterday. Who knows if he will actually get them....but at least I can say that I tried!!!

  8. This is SO awesome. I just love the spirit of your daughter, and her name. Great name.

    I hope Dave at least responds, somehow.

    Happy New Year!

  9. Ha- your girly has great taste. Dave is the best, my two year old LOVES Foo Fighters and we took our older kids to see them in concert recently. Best show ever. We are up to 7 guitars in the house, one Les Paul and listening to my boys play is my fave thing in the world. :)

  10. Came to your blog looking at your Project Life stuff but have ended up totally in awe of the photo of your beautiful daughter with Santa & her determination for daddy to have that guitar! She is adorable & I thank you so much for sharing this endearing story with us.

  11. SO cute! My oldest boy is VERY into guitars/musicians lately and we don't even have one in the family. I'll have to get some tips from you ;) Your family is adorable btw. adding you to my reader!

  12. She sounds like the coolest little girl ever - he should seriously have come to her birthday party! He totally missed out.


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