Nov 9, 2011

Project Life Layouts

Just wanted to give you a closer look at one of my weekly Project Life Layouts that I normally showcase in my videos. This layout is from the week of May 29th - June 4. I keep my layouts fairly simple and to the point...I don't add too many far as embellishments....most of the extra stuff I add ends up being photos, receipts, memorabilia etc., 

Overview of the week. The only extra stuff I added this week: flip up page protector, vertical 5x7 page protector (unfortunately these have been discontinued I contacted the company but they don't have any more available), and 5x7 horizontal page protector.

Becky Higgins...if your reading....(yeah right...) will you please make vertical 5x7 page protectors it would make me the happiest girl in the world!!

Close up of the left side of album or the first part of the week which ever way you want to look at it....

4x6 Flip up Page Protector. One of my most favorite products ever! Allows you to add 2 extra pictures onto your page and is self adhesive. Seriously love these!!!

Close up of the right side or the second part of the week.

Close up of right side with extra inserts. Again my beloved 5x7 vertical page protector that is currently non-existent for purchase. I'm sorry to tease you all with this.....but again in the slight hope that maybe

Becky might be reading this......
will you please make vertical 5x7 page protectors it would make me the happiest girl in the world!!
And maybe some other fellow Project Lifers.....(i think i might have come up with a new name or maybe  i have called us that before.....)

Backside of extra insert 5x7 vertical page protector.. See how pretty it looks.
Becky...what do you you like it? Do you think it would look pretty in the Becky Higgins Plastic Family?
I think so.....hmmmm

This was the week that included Memorial day and I had a ton of photos that I wanted to include so I used a 5x7  Crystal Wilkerson Template and I think it turned out AWESOME!!! And I put it a 5x7 horizontal page protector from We R memory Keepers that I used a crop-a-dile to punch a hole to make it fit into the it!!!

And finally the overview of the second part of the week. I used brushes from Ali Edwards for the days of the weeks and Ali Edwards 4x6 brushes for my overlay on the bottom photo. Both of these can be purchased at designer digitals. Ali has some great tutorials on how to install and use brushes check out her website

Products used in this weeks layout:


  1. Hi
    I have been a fan of your blog for a little while and wanted to thank you for giving me such great inspiration for my own PL. Your albums are beautfil.
    I would also like Becky Higgins to do vertical & horizontal 5x7 page protectors as well..I have so many photos that need them lets ask her.. :)keep up the great work

    {in Australia}

  2. I love your blog. Love how you photographed your PL and show it like this.

  3. love your project life album! thank you for sharing it. i agree about the 5x7 page protectors. i am hoarding mine.

    also, thank you so much for the recommendation for the erin condren planner. i got mine today and ABSOLUTELY love it! it's amazing.

  4. Couldn't agree more with the desperate need for vertical 5x7 page protectors!!! I've searched high and low. Please hear our cries Becky!

    Always love seeing your PL. Please share your DD as you work on that as well. Your work us so great!!

  5. bahaha MaryANN, the jokes on you! I noticed you said..."becky higgins if your reading(yeah right" about the 5x7's.....NOw you're on the creative team!!! congrats....maybe now since you're on the "inside" you can get us some 5x7s...!!!! love your work!

  6. Just to let you know, Close to My Heart also sells the 4x6, self-adhesive photo protectors. They are called flip flaps and work wonderfully.

  7. Hi- Do you know where I can get the colored month dividers from the Becky Higgins line of products. Did they maybe come in a old kit thats no longer available??

  8. Hi,
    I also really struggle to find page protectors for vertical 5 x 7 pix. I much prefer 5 x 7 to 6 x 4 but sometimes end up having to have 6 x 4:(

    If you do find any please let us know:)

    Brilliant ideas:)


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