Nov 3, 2011

Celebrate Today

Today would have been my foster brother's 26th birthday. Tomorrow he will have been gone for 6 months. Today and tomorrow will be hard days, but instead of being sad I am making the decision to celebrate his life. 

I want to remember how he came to live with our family and how quickly he fit into our family dynamic. 

I want to remember how he struggled to find himself and how hard he had to work to overcome the demons of his past. 

I want to remember how he never let those demons define the person who he was and the amazing man he became. 

I want to remember how much fun we had being silly and goofy 

I want to remember how he never thought of us as his foster family we were his family....his mom, his dad, and his sisters.

I want to remember how much we all looked alike even though we weren't related by blood. 

I want to remember sitting down together for family dinners and sharing our lives with each other.

I want to remember how many personality traits we shared...especially our impulsiveness...and our famous quote, "I have an idea...", and the idea would be the craziest, most outlandish thing.....but in the two of our heads it was completely doable....

I want to remember how much joy and love he brought to our family.

I want to remember  to thank God everyday for bringing him into our lives.

I want to remember that it wasn't us who changed his life, but him who changed our lives.


  1. Oh MaryAnn,

    Thinking of you, and keeping you and your family in prayer today. Be strong, celebrate, and be a little jealous...he is with Him, and doing much better than the rest of us. :)

  2. MaryAnn, what a beautiful tribute to your brother! Be sure to thank God for the time he lent him to you and your family!

  3. A beautiful post and a wonderful tribute to him.

  4. I so enjoyed this post! It is just lovely. Warm thoughts to you and all your brother touched! :)


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