Oct 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays in our family. It means that cooler temperatures are finally coming to Arizona (hopefully) and we might get a chance to experience fall. We plant winter grass and bring out our halloween decorations and there is just something festive about the season that I just love.

We have started a tradition in our household of carving pumpkins.....I know everyone carves pumpkins....but here is how we do it.....we get the foam ones from Michaels....and we carve those...and then use flicker plug in lights (instead of candles)....that way at the end of Halloween, we can pack them up and save them for next year (plus it's safe for the little ones).  Not all of them make it .......we have lost a few through careless packing.

We've been doing this for about six years now.....so our collection is growing.....and my husband's talent at carving has well drastically improved since he started six years ago.....making the first ones that he did look a little sad....but still its hard to get rid of any of them because its fun to look back at the work and see how far he's come.... This year we added three new pumpkins to the mix. And they are my favorite by far....the bow skull, the cat, and the owl.

This year we decided to display them above our cabinets until Halloween night and the girls have loved it. Each morning the want me to plug the lights in and say, "Good morning Punpkins how did ou sleep"? Seriously it is the cutest thing ever!! Then when they go the bed we unplug the lights and say, "Good night punkins sleep tight". Here are a few from Halloween past.

Have a wonderful and safe Halloween!!!

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