Oct 30, 2011

Halloween Past 2009

I was one of the unlucky ones in 2009 who was unable to get a project 365 kit from creating keepsakes....that was Becky Higgins Project Life kit back then. I was DEVASTATED. I had even asked for a 4x6 printer that Christmas just for the Project 365 album. I tried to get one on ebay...but they were going for like $285 at the time....and that was not in my budget....no where close.... I was seriously bummed....then I think close to a year later maybe less Cathy Z came out with a monthly album.....so I decided to do that for 2009....I will admit it was hard for me to go back and catch up on 2009.....and I still have some blank pages left to do....but at least I was able to capture a glimpse of that year.... You can purchase the templates that Cathy Z made at designer digitals you can get them in 8.5x11 like the ones I have below or you can purchase the 12x12 size. This year she added additional templates to go with the monthly to add even more variety you can purchase them at designer digitals also.

Okay back to my whole point Halloween past.....here are few pics.....well collages of Halloween past...
This particular year we actually went back to my hometown in Ohio and were able to experience fall in all of its beauty. The colors of the leaves were spectacular and Lilykate loved playing in them. We also were able to participate in the Ironton Halloween parade.


  1. Such cute pictures. I love to look back at past events. Your pages turned out so cute !!

  2. Can I ask here the templates came from? Love yor collage. Are these Cathy Z? Keep up the great work. LOVE the inspiration!

  3. Totally forgot to add the link sorry Andrea....I added it at the top!! They are Cathy Z....her stuff shows up ALOT in my work!

  4. Thanks! Found your blog from your friend Jenny Meyerson. Very excited about the new PL digital version coming out!

  5. Hi, I love the font you used in your 2009 Halloween pages. Can you please tell me the name of the font and where you found it? Thanks so much!


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