Oct 14, 2011

The Big Surprise

I’m so excited to reveal my website’s fresh new look. I’ve been working on this little idea in my head for quite some time...so to see it come to life is beyond exciting….I am ecstatic!! I have to thank Sara for the countless number of hours she devoted to helping me redesign my blog. Her interpretation of my ideas and attention to detail were the perfect blend to my aesthetic. So if you are looking for a designer for your blog or website I highly recommend Sara Peterson Designs you will not be disappointed.

As promised with my new look I would reveal my BIG announcement and that is the launch of MaryAnn Perry Photography. I am passionate about photography and the stories in which they tell. I'm so excited to be sharing my love of photos with you! I've spent the last few years studying photography, and I'm still learning new things every day. Photography is my passion. I eat, sleep and breathe it. I am constantly working to better my skills and learn new photography and Photoshop techniques to make your captured memories the best ever.

There is still time to book a session for your holiday portraits. For more information and to book a session check out the photography section of my website. I look forward to capturing the moments that you will Cherish Everyday.

I will continue to provide a glimpse into my project life album as well as share new ideas that inspire me along the way.

I love how this album has changed how I view scrapbooking….
I love that I have stories written down….
I love that my girls love to flip through the pages of the albums
I love how it has given me back more time to do the things I want to record…..
I love that there are no rules!

This is a photo from our summer vacation. I added a brush by Ali Edwards and cropped/enlarged my photo to 12 x 12. This will be the last page of my second 2011 Project life Album. I will be showing you that video on Monday!!!


  1. I am loving this new look !! I am in love with the colors, they are my favorites right now. Fabulous ! Congrats on your new photography adventure. I can't wait to see the new video.

  2. mary ann! your new blog look is stunning! so proud of ya for following your dream.....you are so talented! love you & wish you all the success, beautiful friend. ♥

  3. Yay! I absolutely LOVE the new site. You are so inspirational in your Project Life videos. I absolutely love them! Congrats on the new venture in your life!

  4. Your site is absolutely beautiful! Best of luck with your new photography venture. :) Can't wait to see your latest in PL!

  5. Found your site through Jenny's blog. Very cute!

    Maybe I'm missing it somewhere...but where are you located??? I was looking at your photography portfolio and wondering if you lived anywhere near me....and I realized I couldn't find anywhere on your site what part of the country you are in!

  6. Mrs. Biscuit,
    Thanks for pointing that out! I will have to fix that! I am a Arizona Family Photographer.

  7. I am SOOOOO happy. (my laptop had died & wasn't able to check anything so when I finally to get back on I see you have such a beautiful update! YAY!! Love the new diggs. & Congrats to you darling. You truly inspire me thank you for sharing.

  8. Bummer! I'm in Northern California.

    Love the blog!


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