Aug 20, 2011

Project Life

Just thought you might like to know........


  1. YOU CAN DO IT!!! Don't stress out about this. Like you said PL is supposed to be fun :) You can go back at any time. I am a bit behind as well but I'm trying not to stress as much. I'm keeping notes of certain things I want to journal but I'm not putting the pressure on myself to journal every single day. Don't stress, be happy, I can't wait to see more videos from you!!!

  2. So glad you updated us, I was worried! I love seeing your PL; your pages have inspired me to create and add more to mine. I know it's tough when you get behind, that was me a month ago. I had a lot going on in the months of June and July and really wanted to document a few things very thoroughly, but it was taking me FOREVER to get it done. But it was so worth it in the end. Now I'm kind of in a slump because there's really not much going on and I'm really tired of documenting the same stuff day in and day out. But I'm really excited about the new PL stuff coming out!

  3. You are too cute. Nice to know that you are real. But you are also amazing. Hang in there and thanks for all the inspiration!


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