Aug 22, 2011

Project Life 2011 Video

As promised I have a project life video for you!!! Wahoo! My husband was such a doll and took my youngest daughter to the grocery store this morning while my oldest was at preschool so I could make this video for you!! So the thanks goes to that wonderful man of mine!! So Ladies and Gents I present to you the second video of my first Project Life album of 2011.

Stuff that I use in my album that I love and you will to:
We R Memory Keeper Albums - I love to have all of my albums sitting on my shelf looking uniform and  a part of the design of the room a piece of art....not just something crafty......I like to be thought of as an artist or creative but never crafty....but that's a whole other soapbox for another day.....

Page Protectors that add so much to my albums:
American Crafts - Page Protectors - 10 x 12
We R Memory Keepers - Page Protectors - 6 Up - 4 x 6 Inch Photo Sleeves - Fits 12 x 12 Three Ring Albums - 10 Pack
We R Memory Keepers - Page Protectors - Nine 3.5 x 2.625 Inch Photo Sleeves - Fits 8.5 x 11 Three Ring Albums
We R Memory Keepers - Page Protectors - 6 Up - 6 x 4 Inch Photo Sleeves - Fits 12 x 12 Three Ring Albums
We R Memory Keepers - Page Protectors - 8x8 Inch - Fits 8x8 Inch Three Ring Albums

And my favorite ever page protectors....the 4x6 adhesive page protectors.....seriously people I am in love with these things!!!!
C-Line - Memory Book - Page Protectors - Flip Pockets - Holds 4 x 6 Photos - 6 Pack

So have you all seen the new products that Becky has coming out this fall to add to the project life line up of products? I'm so excited about the new page protectors!!

So coming in the next few days I will have another video for you.....yes you heard correctly or should I say read correctly....I will have the next Project Life album ready for you to take a look into....I have already filled it up.....April through July was a roller coaster of events for my family....and the book is full.....of memories....happy stories, tragic stories, stories of grief and loss, trying to begin a new life without my brother.....trying to relish in the simple things and cherish the everyday.   


  1. Beautifull and inspiring as always. Really enjoy your PL updates. Thanks for sharing!

  2. LOve, Love, Love!! 2 quick questions
    1. What size are you printing the photos like the one with Cathy Z's Yellow Bus brush.....8.5 x 11??
    2. How do you gauge when one album is full? I'm having a hard time knowing when to move on to album #2

  3. Kristy

    1. your right the photo is an 8.5 x 11
    2. that's a good question and might be best explained with a picture or video explanation...I will get on that...but for the now you want your pages to sit comfortably in your don't want your album to bulge...does that make since...

  4. Thanks for the great video. I just love to see other people's ideas and albums. Beautiful pictures too !! Thanks for sharing. I look forward to your posts and video's. Take care.

  5. Your albums are all so amazing and inspiring - can't wait for the second album of 2011.

  6. Hi MaryAnn,
    I LOVE your videos, you have such clever ideas! Thanks so much for sharing, looking forward to seeing the next one :o)


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