Jul 18, 2011

Vacation Memories

It's hard to leave the cooler temperatures of California to come back to 118 degree temperatures in Arizona, but I have some beautiful memories that I captured while we were vacationing on the beach. I'm excited to begin the editing process and decide how I will display them in my project life album....but that will have to wait until my little ones have gone to bed.....

Here are a couple I was able to do while they were tugging on my legs.....and a sweet little video from the day that we arrived at our beach house.

Seeing the ocean for the first time since last year's vacation


  1. Hi, I have just found your blog- and am loving it- you are VERY talented, and am finding so much inspiration in your project life album. I was wondering what is the font you use on your photos- I am in love with it. And do you just photoshop the text onto the photo? And also do you use your own handwriting on the journalling cards?

  2. I SO love your pictures! :) Happy that you had a great time!
    I´m looking forward to your next PL-Album videos or pictures, cause they are such a huge inspiration. But take your time. :)
    Greetings from Germany

  3. Me again. ;) I would also love to know, how you edit your photos. Do you use actions? If so wich ones?

    Best wishes from Germany :)


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