Jul 3, 2011


Let's be honest.....ever since Easter I've had a hard time keeping caught up with my Project Life album.....I'm getting photos in and the journaling is in my notebook, but putting it together has been a little overwhelming.....

Life has thrown a few curve balls our way in the past few months....more surgeries on my mouth, a very active two year old and three year old, my brother's death.....I want to have it all recorded...and I'm getting there....it's just taking more time than I would like for it too......

Here are a few photos of recent progress.....stay tuned for a new video....and thanks for being patient!

More to come.....I promise!


  1. absolutely beautiful! ♥ love, love, love

  2. Please cut yourself some slack. You have been through some major trials and are coming out of it beautifully. You are an amazing person, photographer, project lifer (is that a noun?), and a friend. Your work is inspiring and we will all patiently wait your art. Hugs.


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