Apr 26, 2011

Easter Mishaps

What happens when it's really bright outside on Sunday morning....you've got 4 little girls that your are trying to corral together to get a picture of and you can't see the settings on your camera? Photos that look like these......

Completely blurred photos that are out of focus.....I have no idea what setting that I had my camera on....all I know is that I would have had some really cute pictures.....and I was pretty disappointed when I came home from church and discovered that these were the photos that I had from Easter morning with all of the cousins and my sisters together. But I've embraced it now and guess what they are still going to be printed and maybe one will even be enlarged to a 5x7 and it will go into the Project Life album......because life happens and its not also perfect and neither are the photos.....


  1. Oh dear !! I'm sorry. Kind of happened to me when we recently just moved to California. Took some pictures of us moving in, pictures of the kids outside, at the lake nearby without realizing I had my camera settings way to high for Sunny California. But you live and you learn !! By the way, I loved the video. So inspiring and can't wait to dig into my project life again after the move. I am about three weeks behind. Take care.

  2. Still very pretty pics, gives it a different feel. At least you have something to remember the day by :)

  3. Help! I'm new to scrapbooking/Project Life and love the idea of adding 5X7 photos. I can't seem to find protectors that display vertical photos (everything I see is horizontal). Where do you find them? Are you cutting down another size and stitching? Any help would be appreciated!!


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