Aug 31, 2008

8 months old

Lilykate is 8 months old today!!!

Time has flown seriously has gone by way too fast.

They have been the most wonderful 8 months of my life!!!

At 8 months, Lilykate:

Weighs approximately 17.5 pounds - one of those highly accurate mommy weighing herself holding baby and then with out = baby's weight type things.

Sleeps between 9-10 hours each night.

Is on a schedule, about three naps a day. Usually 30 minutes each although she's been known to have a good hour or two hour nap the past week or so.

Current nicknames: peanut, sweet pea, little p, my little angel

Is a morning person, but seriously is in a good mood almost every waking minute.

Squeals with delight and waves her arms around whenever she sees her daddy...& she is totally thrilled when dada gets home each morning from work

Eats every 3-4 hours. She eats rice cereal & green beans, sweet peas, and carrots. She eats it. She doesn’t get too excited about either.

Rolls over all the time - front to back and back to belly. Starting to crawl. She can squirm her way to something when she puts her mind to it.

Loves her exersaucer and swing.

Is wearing 3-6 month clothing, although most of her footed pajamas in this size don't fit any longer, as she's too long for them.

Loves the cats and will stare at them whenever they are anywhere near her. She gets so excited to see them that she does the quick breathing through the nose thing.

Likes to suck on a couple fingers - has done the thumb a couple of times recently - on occasion. Can put her pacy in her mouth.

Grabs for everything – and puts it in her mouth,

Loves touching my face or playing with my hair or grabbing my glasses if we're playing on the floor or I’m holding her.

Is easily distracted when eating, as she wants to see everything that's going on around her.

Loves the remote and can push the buttons…and of course wants to put it in her mouth

We’re so blessed by this girl. Love her to pieces. Can’t believe it's been 8 months already since her birth.

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