Feb 23, 2015

Frozen Activities and Games

Hi Friends! I'm back to share more of LilyKate's Frozen birthday party! When hosting a party for both boys and girls, planning activities that both genders will enjoy can get a little tricky. I spent a lot of time trying to decide if we should have activities and games at the party. The thought of corralling a group of 4-7 year olds to patiently wait their turn to play a game seemed daunting.  However, I needed an activity to keep the guests occupied while waiting for everyone to arrive. In the end, I had fun putting together the Frozen Activities and Games for the party. 

I decided to set up two activity stations to keep the kids occupied while waiting for the other guests to arrive the party. 

The first activity station was Ice Painting with Epsom Salt. This fun, science-and-art project is a genius idea from My Sister's Suitcase. All you need is black construction paper, paintbrushes, and a mixture of equal parts Epsom salt and hot water. Kids paint with the Epsom salt solution and when it dries, the salts crystalize, creating pretty ice paintings. 

The kids loved painting and seeing the results as the water dried and the parents loved that it was pretty mess-free. 

The second activity station was called, "Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?". The guests were able to build their own snowmen just like Anna and Elsa did in the movie. The best part was the entire snowman was completely edible. To make Olaf, I stocked the snowman-making station with mini chocolate chips, small carrots, stick pretzels and two different sizes of marshmallows.

The kids were able to get creative with their snowmen and each one was unique. Once all of the guests had arrived we surprised Lilykate with a visit from Elsa and Anna.

The moment that Anna and Elsa walked into the party was pure magic! The girls at the party were mesmerized. They posed for pictures with the girls, signed autographs, played a few games, and even sang a few favorite songs from the movie. 

Anna and Elsa traveled to us from Fancy Face Party Company. I highly recommend working with them. They were fabulous and really made the party magical for the kids.

After Anna and Elsa said their goodbyes, we ate pizza, followed by the fabulous Frozen  Party Treats from Inspired Sugar, and got ready to enjoy our final activity for the evening; the outdoor movie.

We laid blankets out on the lawn and served the kids popcorn and hot chocolate as they watched Frozen on the movie screen that we had set up in the backyard.

It was the perfect end to a magical afternoon, full of surprises and fun.

:: sources ::
photography :: sarah shaw, fazzi photography
backdrop styling :: suzanne ruesch

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Feb 18, 2015

Frozen Party Treats

Hello Friends! I am so excited to share more of Lilykate's recent birthday party! Our little sweetie turned seven back in December and requested a Frozen Party! The holidays are always a crazy time to plan a party, but I'm happy to say the party turned out great! I worked with Breanna and Bonnie of Inspired Sugar to create the Frozen Party Treats for the party. 
The desserts by Breanna and Bonnie at Inspired Sugar were perfection, including the cake  they created for us inspired by the invitation sent to our guests. Lilykate had two requests when it came to her cake; she wanted the number seven on top and she wanted a buttercream filling!  The cake was beautiful and it tasted beyond amazing!
Breanna and Bonnie also made snowflake sugar cookies, chocolate dipped pretzels, mini heart sugar cookies with snowflakes, and vanilla cake pops with snowflakes that were delicious! I hope you enjoy these pictures taken by Sarah of Fazzi Photography

:: sources ::
cake/cookies/cake pops :: inspired sugar
gift tag stickers :: tiny prints

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Feb 17, 2015

Frozen Party Invitations and Favors

This year nothing was more fitting than a Frozen theme party for our seven year old daughter, Lilykate. Tiny Prints took the stress and guess work out of finding the invitation by making it easy to browse their collection of birthday themes online. When I found this cute invitation I knew it was the perfect motif and color palette to set the tone for the Frozen party.

I chose envelopes with a pearl finish that sparkled in the light, they were a nice compliment to the pearl white shimmer sheen of the invitations. They looked as if they been delivered from a wintery white wonderland. The coordinating return address labels  gave guests a sneak peek to what was inside the envelopes. I loved how the Party Invitations from Tiny Prints turned out. The cute characters surrounded by snowflakes on the blue shimmery background looked perfect with the photo of Lilykate. 

The movie, Frozen offers many great themes for a birthday party with Olaf the snowman, Sven the reindeer and of course the princesses Anna and Elsa. From ice- and snow-inspired food to winter wonderland activities, our Frozen party was fun for both girls and boys. 

Each guest at the party received a Disney© stocking personalized with their name. The boys received Olaf© stockings and the girls received either Elsa© stockings or Anna© stockings

One of the things I love about working with Tiny Prints is the option of the Designer Review Service. Do you want to make a few changes on the invitations to customize them to your liking? Try the Designer Review Service. It is made up of talented designers who review, polish and perfect orders. They triple check typos, red eye removal, light adjustments, custom layouts, and color corrections. They make sure your invitations are in tip top shape and ready to wow.

My Frozen invitation was my main source of inspiration throughout my entire party planning process. I used the details from the invitation to help me with decorating ideas, activities, and even the  cake. I used coordinating party invitation Gift Tag Stickers from Tiny Prints as labels on the popcorn boxes. 

Lastly, because I strongly believe in writing thank you cards to all your party guests, I ordered  a set of Thank You Cards, personalized with Lilykate's name on them. On the inside, I customized the card, making it easier for Lilykate to write the thank you notes without assistance. As a special thank you, we added a photo of each guest with Anna and Elsa from the party to each card. I can't wait to share more details about the rest of the party with you! Check back on Wednesday to see the treats we served at the party!

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